Having trouble with your Saphe? If it is not lit or you can not connect, then a restart can usually solve it.

It can be done in 2 ways.

  • By turning it off / on (by holding down the red button until the light goes out)
  • By removing the battery for 10 seconds. (see our video guides)

The red button has 2 functions

  • A short press = confirm/create an accident/dangerous situation
  • A longer press (until a beep comes) = creates a alarm for a car in the emergency track

The blue button has 1 function

  • One press = confirm/create a speed control.

Green light means that your Saphe is off – hold the red button down until the light goes out, to turn your Saphe back on.

Blue light + alarm indicates a speed control.

Red light + alarm indicates an accident/dangerous traffic situation.

  • Does your Saphe beep repeatedly during the ride?
    • Check if there is a new battery in your electronic P-disk if you have one in your car – there may be a sound from it and not your Saphe.
  • Does your Saphe alarm and flashes red and yellow when you start your drive?
    • That’s because your Saphe is not connected to a phone.

You can use Bluetooth handsfree in your car with your Saphe – your phone allows multiple connections at the same time.

  • Saphe can be paired with an unlimited number of phones
  • You can pair your phone with as many Saphe devices as you like.
  • If there are more users in the car, your Saphe will always connect to any phone. If you want to connect Saphe to a particular phone, you must turn off Bluetooth on all other phones briefly, after which Saphe will connect to the phone with an active Bluetooth connection.
  • If you get an alarm when you start your drive, you are not connected correctly to your Saphe
    • See the section ‘Restart of Saphe’ above. If it does not help, then contact us. Remember, Saphe first connects when you start driving and not as soon as you’re in the car.
The battery is expected to last for more than 2 years.

The CR2450 battery is available in most specialty stores.

If the blue light no longer works on your Saphe, it may mean that the battery is running low on power.

The battery can be removed by separating your Saphe – separate the top from the bottom. This is done by grabbing the 2 buttons and pulling the top from the bottom.

See the Video Guides section.

Saphe Link app

It is necessary to download the app “Saphe Link” to connect your smartphone to your Saphe.

  • Go to “App Store” or “Google Play” and search for “Saphe Link”

For the app to work on your phone, your phone must have at least this:

  • Bluetooth (Used to connect to your Saphe device)
  • Mobile data (Used to retrieve data from the Saphe server)
  • GPS / Location Services (Used to give you precise alarms on the go)
  • iOS 8.0 or later/Android 4.3 or later.

This is due to problems with your GPS. Please try if the app can show your location and speed correctly.

Not all phones are updating your apps automatically. Go to “App Store” or “Google Play” and search for “Saphe Link” to check if you have the latest app version.


iPhone 6S and older: Hold the HOME buttons and ON until the screen turns off after approx. 10 sec.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7S: Hold down the VOLUME DOWN and ON buttons until the screen turns off after approx. 10 sec.

iPhone 8 and iPhone X: Briefly press VOLUME-UP, briefly press VOLUME-DOWN and hold ON until the phone restarts and displays the Apple logo (about 15 seconds).

Do you experience problems with the Bluetooth connection, for example. that there are trouble connecting on trip start, or does the app show that Bluetooth is not turned on? Then the solution is to reset the phone’s network settings. NOTE – This means that saved WIFI codes and approved bluetooth pairs will be forgotten and must be re-entered and paired.

Before resetting, check if your Saphe is on. If the light is green when you press the blue button, it’s turned off. Turn on by pressing the red button down until the light turns off after 3 seconds.

To reset the network settings, select the following on your iPhone:

Settings > General > Reset > Reset network settings

Location Services

On an iPhone, it is important that Location Service is “Always” for Saphe Link. This means that the app is always allowed to turn on the GPS, but we only do it while driving, and only for approx. 5-10% of driving time. If you select “In use”, Saphe Link will only work if you turn on the app and keep the display on.

Your GPS is properly activated if the small arrow out of the clock (at the top of your screen) is completely white and not black in the middle – see the picture below.

This message is most commonly seen on the iPhone 6S, and in most cases is the issue a weak GPS signal on the phone.

If the Saphe Link app detects a low GPS signal, it notifies you that the app may not function optimally due to a weak signal. There are some things that can be done, which may help.

  • Ensure Location Services are turned on:
    • Go to Settings > Anonymity > Location Services – Make sure it is turned on
  • Ensure Flight Mode is Disabled:
    • Go to Settings > Flight Mode – Make sure it is off
  • Ensure the date, time and time zone are correct:
    • Go to Settings > Date & Time
  • Ensure that the network from your mobile service provider is good.
  • Make a forced restart:
    • Hold down the power button simultaneously with the Home button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • Turn 4G off:
    • Go to Settings > Mobile networks > Data settings > Turn off LTE
  • Reset Network Settings:
    • Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset network settings
  • Make sure iOS is up to date.
  • Last resort is reset to factory settings.

If none of the above works, contact the store you purchased your phone at or Apple Support.


If you experience any problems between your Saphe and your mobile phone, try restarting your phone.

On most Android phones, this is done by holding down the power button briefly and then selecting restart.

Important: Restart is not the same as turning off / on.

Power Saving Mode must be OFF. You can find it below:

Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery

On all HUAWEI models, it is important that the battery optimization is turned off for Saphe to work properly.

If you have the latest app version, it will provide a warning if optimization is enabled. Follow the instructions to get to the menu where the optimization is switched off. When optimization is to be turned off, it is slightly reversed by selecting Allow the phone to ignore battery optimization.

  • P8 Lite:If you can not connect to your Saphe, it’s because your phone is not updated to the latest version. Look under ‘Settings + About Phone’, here you will find a version number called something like ALE-L21C432B635. The last number must be over 630. You can check if there is a new update in the ‘Settings + Updates’ menu. At the bottom of the screen there is Menu, select this and then ‘Download last full package’.
  • P9:If you have a P9 and find that ‘BLE Status’ shows Error Code 2, then the only solution is to reboot your phone. The error is in the phone’s Android software and it is very doubtful whether HUAWEI corrects the error.

Video guides


If you did not find the solution based on the above, please feel free to contact us on phone 42903311 or write to us at