The Story about Saphe

A couple of years ago Freddy Sørensen had an idea. Actually, Freddy Sørensen has always been a man with lots of ideas. 

The story about Saphe is a success story

A couple of years ago Freddy Sørensen had an idea. Actually, Freddy Sørensen has always been a man with lots of ideas. 

Once again he heard about a right turn accident where a bike rider was killed by a truck. This had a huge affect on Freddy Sørensen and made him wonder what he could do in order to increase traffic safety. 

And then he had an idea. An idea of how truck drivers could be warned about bike riders through a tiny alarm. 

Freddy Sørensen began developing the idea. As a Ms.S. (Eng.) and entrepreneur he is used to being engaged in many projects at the same time. Back in the 90s he became known for his work with satellite receivers and in the 00s he invented SmartWi for sharing TV payment cards.

Why not think even bigger?

It was when developing the truck alarm that Freddy thought: Why not think even bigger? 

Why not develop a traffic alarm that warns drivers about accidents, dangers and speed cameras?

This idea was translated into action by the development of the Saphe traffic alarm, which is now used by more than 500 000 drivers in Scandinavia. A traffic alarm, which on the one hand prevents dangerous incidents on the roads and at the same time prevents drivers from speeding.

But the story doesn't end here

Because Freddy Sørensen has more ideas. Ideas that can help to improve traffic safety.

One of these ideas is Saphe Drive, which was launched in February 2019. Saphe Drive takes traffic alarms to the next level.

Saphe Drive is already termed a minor revolution, because the product offers unlimited possibilities. Eventually, Saphe Drive will warn about ambulances, railroad crossings, wrong-way drivers, school roads, roadworks - and of course accidents, cars on shoulder and speed cameras.  

The talented Team Saphe is continuously working to develop even more features to improve traffic safety. Features, which can be integrated into Saphe Drive.

Saphe Drive is lauched in Northern Europe i.e. Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Germany. 

Freddy Sørensen's idea about the truck alarm is still pending. He plans to continue the development of it as soon as he has the time for it.

Our Vision

To be the preferred community for traffic safety and mobility in Northern Europe.