About Saphe

About Saphe

Saphe is a traffic alarm, which increases traffic safety by helping drivers to avoid accidents, hazards and speeding fines. 

What is Saphe?

Saphe is a traffic alarm that increases traffic safety by helping drivers to avoid accidents and speeding fines. You install the Saphe device in your car and via Bluetooth you connect the device to app on your smartphone. Now you are ready to receive alarms and warnings about hazards, accidents and speed cameras. The connection to the network is established through your smartphone, but the app is running in the background, so you don't have to operate the phone while driving. 

Powered by user data

Saphe is powered by user data and works because all Saphe users report speed cameras and potential hazards by pressing the blue or red button on the device. The blue button indicates a speed camera and the red button indicates an accident or an unknown incident. 

All alarm signals are received by a central server and from here all warnings are forwarded to other Saphe users nearby via the phone and the Saphe device. Saphe users will receive the alarm when they are approx. 25 seconds from the location in question. 

The reason that Saphe works so well is due to the fact that drivers do not have to remember starting an app. When the device is installed, Saphe will start up automatically when you start driving. 

  • Starts automatically
  • Integrated speaker. You can always hear the alarms
  • The two buttons mean easy, safe and legal usage 
  • The easy usage results in very accurate alarms, as users will press the button right abreast the speed camera 
  • Intelligent power management – Saphe only affects the power consumption on the phone marginally 
  • Saphe works throughout Europa

Who is Saphe?

Saphe is a Danish tech company developing, producing and selling intelligent traffic systems in Denmark and the rest of Europe. 

Saphe was founded in 2015 and now has 21 employees. Since the start-up in 2015 we have sold more than 550 000 devices. The number of devices sold means that Saphe can offer a huge community of users and thus the best platform for sharing traffic data in Northern Europe.

Our mission is to increase traffic safety by helping drivers to communicate through sharing of traffic data. We develop validated and applicable solutions, which can make a difference and reduce the number of traffic related accidents considerably.

Our vision is to be the preferred community for traffic safety and mobility in Northern Europe.