Please try out...

Good advice

  • Check that the app is updated
  • Restart your phone
  • Restart Saphe

GPS/Location services

Differences between iPhone and Android

GPS can be named differently. 

On an iPhone, it is important that the Location service for Saphe Link is set to “Always”. This means that the app is always allowed to turn on the GPS, but it only does so while you are driving. If you choose “While using”, then Saphe Link will only work if you turn on the app and keep the screen turned on during your drive.

Check GPS

We recommend using Google Maps to see whether your GPS works. Both the location and the accuracy must be correct. The accuracy is viewed as a radius on the transparent circle that surrounds your location. The accuracy should be less than 50 metres, and preferably 10 - 20 metres.

Missing alarms

Reasons for missing alarms:

  • The app is not updated
  • The GPS does not work correctly
  • No data connection
  • Battery optimizer (Android)
  • Power saver (Android)

Power saver/Battery

If the power saver mode or the battery optimization function are switched on, Saphe might not function correctly. 

Battery optimization (Android)

  1. Settings
  2. Programs
  3. Settings (tool icon in the button)
  4. Special access
  5. Ignore battery optimization
  6. Ignore/Allowed (second line)
  7. Choose All apps
  8. Find Saphe Link and turn off optimization