Stay Saphe in Traffic
Warns you about hazards.
Starts automatically
Just drive. No need to switch the device on and off.
Works throughout Europe

More than 83 000 cameras worldwide (79 countries).

The biggest traffic community in Scandinavia

More than 600.000 active users.

Saphe har min varmeste anbefaling, og jeg vil håbe mange mange flere vil købe enheden, så vi kan være med til at styrke fællesskabet

Lars Koch

Easy and quick installation

You only need to pair your new Saphe device to your smartphone the first time you want to use it. After the installation everything runs automatically if Bluetooth on your phone is turned on. When you receive an alarm and you want to confirm it, you just need to press one button.

More than 600.000 drivers in Scandinavia are using Saphe

Saphe cooperates with Fartkontrol.nu in order to create the biggest traffic community in Northern Europe, and we were ranked #1 in the Danish App Store in December 2017 and 2018.  A big community is a must when it comes to traffic alarms. As a Saphe user you will become part of a European community cosisting of 500 000 other users, who can share traffic data very quickly and efficiently. Together we will help each other in saving lives, time and money.

Saphe was awarded "Best in Test" in 2018

Saphe is a more reliable traffic alarm than ooono

And at the same time you also get to see in the app where the nearest speed camera is located. As an extra bonus you can also see if there are any bigger accidents close by, which makes it possible for you to chose another route.