Driven by Saphe user daily

Quick and easy set up

Pair you Saphe with your smartphone using Bluetooth once. After that, your Saphe will start automatically when driving – as long as Bluetooth on your phone is enabled.

When your driving and you receive an alarm or see a new warning that has not been confirmed yet, push the blue button once.


There are two versions of Saphe: the original and the motorcycle version

“All of our team has a Saphe in their car. We love the concept!”

“Saphe gets my warmest recommendation and I hope even more people will buy the product so we can strengthen the collective.”

Saphe awarded “Denmark’s Best Traffic Alarm 2018”

Saphe is currently the most reliable traffic alarm. And you can also view the nearest speed traps in the Saphe app. As an added bonus you can also see if there are larger accidents nearby, so you can change your route.”

Mobilsiden.dk (5 Stars)

Saphe keeps you safe

Saphe is more than speed trap warnings. With a Saphe you will be warned about accidents before you and your passengers are in danger. Roughly 20% of alarms you receive are accidents (optional to turn on/off). You will be warned about:

Avoid speeding tickets in Europe

You receive alarms in all of Europe with your Saphe. You receive over 30.000 alarms in major countries including: Germany, Italy, England, Poland, Spain. And international alarms are free of charge!

Over 400.000 Europeans already have a Saphe

Saphe collaborates with several local partners that collect traffic information to create the best European network. It is important to have a strong network as it improves the speed and accuracy of alarms.

Our users love their Saphe