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Driven by Saphe users daily

Easy and fast setup

The only thing you need to do is to pair your new Saphe unit with your smartphone the first time you use it. After that your Saphe automatically pairs up with your phone.

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“Our whole team have had a Saphe in their car last year. We love it and really appreciate the concept!”

“It’s just one ticket that needs to be avoided and then Saphe is more than paid more. Saphe gets 5 stars!”

Thomas Ulvedal, mobilsiden.dk

“Saphe gets my warmest regards and I hope many more will get a device!”

Lars Koch, Hardware Blog

Saphe voted as Denmarks Best Traffic Alarm 2018

“Saphe is the the most reliable traffic alarm. And you are also able to see in the app where the nearest speeding trap is. As an added bonus you can see if there are serious accidents nearby, so you can divert your route.”

– Mobilsiden.dk (5 Stars)

Saphe helps you avoid accidents

Saphe is much more than speed trap warnings. With a Saphe device you will be warned about accidents before you and your passengers will be in danger. Around 20% of alarms (optional to turn on/off) are accident warnings:

Avoid speeding tickets across Europe

You will receive alarms across Europe with your Saphe. Countries include: Italy, UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland etc (read more here for a full list of countries). And its all free!

Over 350.000 Scandinavians use their Saphe

Saphe partners with several traffic data providers to create the best network. A good network is incredibly important for a traffic alarm. The larger the network, the faster the reporting on new dangers and speeding traps. In a recent test, Saphe was on average 67mins faster at reporting alarms than other providers. Read more here.

The Nordics love Saphe